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what is up everyone my name is sam and this is my fucking website

my magnum opus ^


i use she/her or they/them pronouns
18 y/o
you gay?: i am gay!
etc: I'm indian and canadian, and my birthday is nov 29. please don't steal my ssn with this information. I'm a university student and i have a deep love for writing which somehow manifested itself in shitposting on twitter dot com (and in writing fic). I also talk a lot so sorry in advance ahaa
this website is an eternal WIP, so please lmk if anything doesn't work or breaks!
A sparkly .GIF image of the lesbian flag.
A sparkly .GIF image of the Sonic the Hedgehog saying 'My fucking god! These bitches gay! Good for them! Good for them.

A sparkly image of Ike from Fire Emblem, decked out in gaudy chains and sunglasses, saying 'But if my style gets in your way, don't be afraid to say so.'



i consider myself a connoisseur of sightly bizarre yet delightful cat pics, i got a degree in it and everything. it's my single defining character trait. here is a taste of my selection

An image of a man and a cat seemingly playing cards.

An image of a small cat lifting weights.

An image of a small cat on someone's shoulder. The background is blurred, implying fast movement. The cat looks like they're having the time of their fucking life.

wanna see more? check out my random cat generator! it's got some weird cats... and not much else.


...coming soon!


A screenshot of a text message reading 'Even naruto wouldnt believe that'.
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I am currently: free from exams!!! wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!1